Thursday, June 12, 2008

Asking to Use The Potty!!

This morning Captain Adorable woke us up at 6:00. Not too bad, but I was hoping for 6:30. :) Anyhow, when I took him to sit on the potty he let out quite a big pee and then when I felt the diaper it was less full than usual. So, I was heartened. I put him in another diaper because I was not ready to deal with pottying when I knew we were going to lie in bed for another little while (we are quite the lounge in bed family! What can I say--we like to cuddle! Or is it that we are just lazy?). That diaper did get peed in--a bit more than usual...

After breakfast I put Capt. Adorable in training pants. I told him several times that he had underpants on and he should tell me if he had to pee and we would go sit on the potty. Well, he peed in the training pants soon afterwards. Still, I put another pair on him. I was cleaning out and loading the dishwasher and he just would not stop bothering me. I asked him to go play with Daddy and to go play with his blocks, but he ignored me and continued to insist I pay attention to him. Finally I got the idea that I took him to the potty and Sure Enough! He emptied his bladder with a proud smile on his face! Now, this could have been coincidence...except that soon after, I was on the phone with my Mom (showing off about the latest development) and he did it again! I am, once again, very encouraged and I feel certain that this potty learning is making its way into his brain.

A little while later he did pee in the training pants, but I took him to the potty as soon as I noticed and once again he peed in the toilet happily. So, if I have not said it enough already, I feel very positive about potty learning right now and I am ready to soldier through a few more days of discouragement if necessary (and I am sure there will be more days full of accidents!).

The one change I have made is the one I talked about in the last blog entry. I have now started to use a book (Hello Bee, Hello Me) and various objects (my keys) to distract him and allow him to relax on the potty. So far this innovation is going well and leads to longer sitting times and less interest in the toilet paper (thank goodness).

OK, it is past nap time, so I better go.

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