Monday, June 2, 2008

Potty Progress

So soon as we wake up in the morning, I ask Captain Adorable if he wants to sit on the potty. He smiles and gets excited. I take him to the bathroom, take off his diaper (standing) and then seat him and hold him on the toilet. So far, despite the wet diaper he has upon waking, he pees every time. Captain Obvious has been putting him on the potty (toilet) every night before the bath and he has peed most of those times as well. We have sporadically gotten him to the potty at other times, and he pees most of those times as well. He has even indicated a few times that he needs to pee (sort of puts his hand on his clothing over the obvious appendage). Both Capt. Obvious and I have caught a poop each, but I am not officially trying for poops yet...The idea is to make the potty a part of his routine: a normal activity. We give praise for sitting on the potty at all, not only if he pees or poops.

Ms. Resourceful loaned me a couple of little potties and a bag-o-underpants, so now the next phase begins. I have one of the loaners on the main floor of the house and one upstairs. So far Captain Adorable sat on the potty in the parking lot (no pee) and again at home (no pee). I am pretty sure that tomorrow morning he will pee in there, though! :) I am not quite ready to add the underpants yet. First we need more experience with sitting on the potty. So, this week we are adding the little potties, which I hope he will sit on by himself (no more being held by a parent). I will probably start to ask him if he wants to sit on it more often, because I will be able to have him sit on his potty while I sit on the toilet (plus I've heard community peeing is a good way incentive).

I do not want to rush anything, but I think the first week that we introduce the underpants we are going to have to be homebodies because I expect there will be lots of accidents!

My yeast infection is alllllmost gone. I took another dose of diflucan (fluconazole, actually) this morning. I think the rash is still itchy because I sweated today. I walked the usual 2 miles around our local park pushing Captain Adorable to the playground and home this morning and then this afternoon I walked another 2 miles with Ms. Resourceful and her 2 children at another park.


Lance Noe said...

OK! You just cant jump to Yeast infection on the gay fanboys. I was all cool with the potty training and then suddenly i read yeast infection, and my eyes close, my fingers go into my ears and my mouth starts signing "LALALALALAL!"


Rose said...

The yeast infection is on the skin on my upper chest--the skin surrounding the ablation site.