Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (Potty News)

Yesterday I joined a gym. It is a really nice gym and I like it a lot so far (of course, today was only my second day). They have child care, and I dropped off Captain Adorable both days. He does not like it much (cries on and off), but the child care workers try to comfort him and call me if he cries for more than 10 minutes. Admittedly, 10 minutes seems an eternity for my darling boy to cry! However, the first day I came back after an hour and I was just walking through the door when they called me over the intercom. My little one was sitting in this 6-kid stroller they have, crying (they take the crying kids to the outside play area to help them cheer ). I did NOT like it that he was just sitting there, strapped in and sobbing. Once in my arms he felt better, but the poor guy was insistant that I had to be in contact with him at all time after that. Made showering a bit difficult! Today I returned after one hour and he was being held (made me feel much better). They told me that he had cried on and off, but calmed down unless someone else was crying and then he got upset. I am glad to hear he was doing a little better. It was very hard for me to leave him there this time--in fact, I pulled him out almost immediately. Then we spent time in the entrance area looking at the other children and the toys in there...I finally left him after much talking and cuddling. I was unhappy to leave him...but I really do want to exercise...sigh.

Yesterday, once we were back at home, we had lunch and a nap. Then I put Captain Adorable in training pants for the rest of the day. I feel a little discouraged because he just pees in the pants, then I take him to the potty and put on a new pair, then 15 minutes later he pees again, we go to the potty and do the whole operation again. Repeat through about 6 pairs of training pants. Plus, every time I see him pooping and take him to the potty, the poop gets scared back up in there! So, I've been putting him in a diaper and in a little while he poops and I clean him up and put him back in training pants...which of course he pees in 10 minutes later...

I am willing to put in the time investment because I know that he is learning about how his bladder works and how to control it but I will admit this is getting kinda old...I have been reading the boards on the Mothering site for hints and tips and I think I am ready to try again. Seems that his peeing after the potty development is pretty normal (aka "peeing beside the potty"). And as far as getting him to poop in the potty, I guess I need to find a way to convince him to sit longer and relax. I am going to have to find something very very interesting (like a cell phone, but not an operating one because whatever he plays with on the toilet might end up in the toilet, as I have already discovered). I had him in diapers this afternoon because I was so discouraged, but after my reading this evening I feel that was probably a mistake...ah well...I am learning too.

Today I took him to the pool after I exercised and I knew he loved water, but wowza, this boy LOVES water! I was almost jealous of the other mothers at the pool who could sit quietly on the side of the pool or in the pool (very, very shallow, designed for young children) while their children played near them, calmly. Capt. Adorable, on the other hand, wants to run around the pool, jump in the deep parts, run away the second I let go of his hand, et cetera. No sitting down for me! :) That's my little one--the fastest kid on the block! :)

I am going to the gym again tomorrow, but in the afternoon, when the child care center is less busy. Perhaps more one-on-one attention will help him to adjust. I am looking forward to going to the pool with both of my Captains over the weekend: it will be much easier with two parents! I think we are going to have to get swimming lessons for Captain Adorable, as a protective measure and because he enjoys it so.

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