Friday, June 13, 2008

Started the Drug and A Potty News Bite

I started Tarceva this morning. I feel sad that I have to take it. I cried and Captain Obvious cried with me as we sat on the couch, him holding me in his arms. Captain Adorable joined us and gave me a kiss (oh toddler kisses are the best). I guess I feel sad because it just reminds me that, oh yeah, I have if I needed a reminder. I wrote the oncologist to let her know that I started the drug and to ask for the results of the EGFR test. It has been at least 5 weeks and perhaps 6 or 7 since I asked for the test, so you'd think the results would be back by now.

Captain Adorable had a dry diaper this morning! I took him to the potty and he decided to sit on the little potty instead of being held on the toilet. (Thank goodness; it is not too comfortable to hold him all the time he is on the pot!) He peed immediately. It is so cute to see his proud smile when he pees! Anyhow, it was a small pee and I thought there was no way it was enough because his diaper was dry all night, so I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty again and he did and it was a much bigger pee the second time. I put his diaper back on and sat back down on the bed. Capt. Adorable went over tot he closed bathroom door, and started making noise while trying to turn the doorknob. Once again it took me a few seconds to realize what he was telling me, but I did (and more quickly than yesterday) and I took him in the bathroom to sit on the potty. Sure enough, he happily did a big ol'pee in the little potty. :) I am so proud of him!

OK, I am going to the gym early this morning. I hope to be able to get in some exercise and then take my little one to the pool and get home in time for the morning nap...we will see!

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Thinking of you. Hope all goes well with the new medicine. Always sending positive, healing thoughts your way!