Thursday, June 5, 2008

Couple of Upates

Yeast Infection

For those who did not read the previous post addressing this issue, the yeast infection I am talking about is on the skin of my upper chest--the skin surrounding the ablation site. It is clearing up (after another dose of fluconazole) and is much less itchy, thank goodness.

New Words

Captain Adorable has been adding lots of new words to his repertoire! Here are the ones I can think of right now:

- apple
- cracker
- Daddy's truck
- outside
- dinosaur
- blocks
- ducks
- trash

Potty Learning

We are still just gently introducing sitting on the potty as a normal part of the day. Neither Capt. Obvious nor I has caught any poops in a while. :( Captain Adorable seems to be really taking to the whole thing though. After he pees, he insists on ripping off (or being handed) a piece of toilet paper, which he then throws (between his legs, just like Mama) into the toilet. (hehehe) He loves to flush the toilet and says bye bye to the stuff going down (I did not teach him that and Capt. Obvious says he did not either...maybe my Mom did? If not, he invented it himself!). Then we wash his hands. We need to get a stool (there is one in our storage unit but I think it may be too short) because it is a bit of a chore to hold a wiggly little guy who wants to turn on the hot water and grab the soap while you are trying to wash his hands! Capt. Adorable is also becoming less enthused about diapers. He does not want me to put one on after he sits on the potty and while he does come eventually, he does not seem to want to endure a diaper change after a poop. Well, I am glad this dislike of diapers is coming now, seeing as I want him out of diapers too! :)

Cancer Treatment Options

Since this ablation went so well, we have begun to question whether Tarceva is the right choice for me right now. Perhaps it would be better to have another ablation on the other tumor as well. I want to enjoy my summer and not suffer from exhaustion, skin rashes, and diarrhea and have to avoid the sun...then again, I want to make the right choice for treatment and give myself a good life expectancy. No one knows--not even my own oncologist has been able to say Tarceva over ablation when I asked her in the past. Now we are into the art of medicine...difficult choices...quality of life over potential life saving treatment in the future...but no one knows if the treatment will save my life or not...

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Amina said...

decisions suck. especially since if you take one course you will never really know what would have happened if had taken the other. So you just have to jump and put all your positive energy behind it.

I am >so< impressed by your reading list. I don't see any Anne Tyler - she's been my favourite for a while and I really recommend her books. I started with Celestial Navigation, but that was just chance. Morgan's Passing is interesting... well I've enjoyed all of them, so jsut see what takes your fancy at the library.
Hang in there, you're doing brilliantly!
hugs and love