Saturday, June 21, 2008

Follow-Up on Tarceva Side Effects

Well, I am no longer terribly sad. However, I am still tired. I think my problem of how to get Captain Adorable adjusted to the child care at the gym is solved for now because I am too dang tired to exercise. I can take him to the pool and hang out for 30 mins to an hour, but to go and exercise, deal with the stress of leaving him, then the hassle of showering with him there, et cetera...just too much right now. On other hand, taking him to the pool is still demanding but doable because it is not stressful (though the showering can still be stressful) and there is no crying involved.

I have what looks like white head on my nose and developing on my upper lip. They are more like blisters than white heads, but still they look like white heads...blech. I have some of the rash on my right wrist and a few finger tips, too. The skin around my eyes is really itchy and today I got some sunscreen in one of them and it stung and stung and teared for an hour I think. So irritating. We went to the gym to go to the pool today and it was difficult to drive there because I wanted to close my eyes the whole way...once at the gym, the pool was closed due to some electricity problem (BUMMER) so we (my Mom, my Dad, Capt. Adorable, and I) played with exercise balls and stuff for a while because we could not stuff Captain Adorable back in the car seat after talking up the pool during the entire drive over. From now on, I am going to call and check the pool is open before we leave the house.

I am developing dry, dry skin on my body and my face. It is worst on my face. My Mom did some research online and found this site on dealing with the dry skin Tarceva causes. I will not take all the advise given on the page (I think taking anti-biotics is over-the-top) but I guess I am going to either take over the almond oil (we use almond oil for the little one in this house) or look for a new face lotion because my usual one has now started to burn, burn, burn...

In other news, because I am so tired, I have decided to follow the advice of my Mom and my husband and I have hired someone to come over once a week and clean the house. She is someone I trust, respect, and like; in fact, she is Ms. Resourceful! I think I am going to go grocery shopping while she is here so I will not try to talk to her while she is cleaning (plus Captain Adorable will not be all up in her face while she is trying to work). I am so glad she is able to help me out this way. Goodness knows I can use the help.

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