Monday, June 23, 2008

Nurse Practitioner's Advice

Well, according to the Nurse Practitioner, my rash is not that bad. :)

She said there is not much she can do to help my rash, but that I should continue to slather on the emollient. She did say to stop the exfolliation, which I had reported hurt. She reminded me to stay out of the sun or use sun screen (which I cannot imagine putting on my face right now!) I wonder if this means I can't take my little Captain to the pool...I am considering quitting the gym...

She said I should continue to use the eye drops (artificial tears) in my eyes. (Yes, I have keratitis.) I have to go back to see her in a week and at that time we might decide to lower the dose from 150 to 100.

She gave me a prescription for hydrocortisone shampoo (my scalp itches also, yay for me. Not.). I also got a prescription for a sleep aid (Ambien). Can't take that and co-sleep, so I guess we will get the futon up from the guest room and put it in one of the bedrooms upstairs. I'd prefer to have it in our bedroom so if Captain Adorable does need me I will be right I can still be part of the family, if not sleeping in the same bed, at least still in the same room.

Captain Adorable had a few more accidents today, but still peed in the potty on a regular basis.

Captain Obvious is home! I am so glad to finally have him back with us. It is so comforting just to hear his voice (and not over the phone). The three of us went out to dinner (at a local burrito shop, nothing fancy) and it was nice to be just our little family again. Which is not to take anything away from my parents--I love having them here and Captain Adorable loves it even more!


Anonymous said...

ahhh... the sleep aid. have you tried ativan yet? i take 1.5mg at night and it's just enough to help but not so much that nugget can't sleep with me.

when nugget sleeps in her room with her grandmamie though, i sleep with princess lunesta!

Lotta said...

Well written article.