Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Sleepless Night In Emails

If I have not said this already, Captain Obvious is in Colorado to go fly fishing with his uncle. My parents are here in Maryland with Captain Adorable and me.
from Rose
to Captain Obvious
date Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 2:35 AM
subject feeling like poop

hi honey

it is 2:28 and i am still awake
i partly can't sleep bc i have been having trouble falling asleep for a while now, and partly bc you are not here
but mostly i think it is bc my face feels terrible. my eyes are soooooo itchy, but other parts of my face are bad too. i got up just now to wash them off and put on some sweet almond oil (bc my face lotion BURNS me now) and now my eyes are full of oil and my face and eyes are itchy. at least my face feels less tight. our little one is going to wake me up in like 4 hours. maybe i should just stay up at this point.... HA!

i was asleep before, actually (fell asleep about 1:00 or so) but the neighbors woke me up. the paint guy neighbors. i have the air off and the windows open to make my mom happy.
anyhow, i was woken up by the sound of metal scrapeing. apparently 1:30 in the morning is the perfect time to hang out on the front steps with your entire family and load a grill into the back of your pick up. yeah, they have a pick up not know if it is permanent or was just borrowed for moving their grill...

so did you read the long emergency article? pretty scary shit. maybe we should re-evaluate your idea about buying land...

damn my eyes feel terrible.

love, me

Then I played on Facebook for a while, folded laundry and put it away, played with my cell phone (deleting about 20 old text messages crowding my inbox). A little later I wrote another one.
from Rose
to Captain Obvious
date Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 4:55 AM
subject WTF?

Is this Tarceva I am taking or is it crack?! I am still awake! I've been down and back up 3 times tonight, not counting the time I went to get my phone to text you. I slept fo approx. half an hour and then the neighbors woke me up like I said in the last face is still itchy though not as bad. I am sneezing a lot...

Call me when you have a chance my love.

Then I decided to have a look on the internetz for some info...among many others, I found the following: Erlotinib - Article. Like I said, there are other articles that say the same thing. So, yeah, I'm one of the lucky 12% who get insomnia. Yippee for me. (Let's hope I get that same kind of pay off when it is time to live more than 5 years past diagnosis...)

I wrote one more email:
from Rose
to Oncologist
bcc Captain Obvious
date Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 5:11 AM
subject Changes in Tarceva Side Effects

Hi Oncologist,

Some of the Tarceva side effects I had at first are resolving (the sadness and the diarrhea are almost non-existent). However, I am developing dry, itchy, painful skin (even my own tears hurt!) on my face; watery, sensitive eyes; and some serious insomnia (I am writing this to you at 5:00am after a night with approximately half an hour of sleep). I think my eyes might be more sensitive to light. On top of all that, I have a chemical taste in my mouth all the time. I have been getting head-aches. I still have the abdominal cramps and fatigue. So far I have been able to nap when my son naps during the day, but I am worried about losing that as well.

Can I take Zyrtec with Tarceva? I seem to have stronger allergic reactions to everything I am allergic to (mold, dust, cat hair, et cetera).

Can you help me out with these new symptoms?
Thanks, Rose

Let us see what the results of these emails will be...

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