Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blah. Head Cold

Well my sore throat has become a raw throat, accompanied by a very runny nose and a cough. My sinuses are full of snot (you know, the kind that won't blow out and makes weird noises). Not surprisingly, I have a headache. Captain Obvious is going to come home early today, thank goodness. He will work from home, so if I need help, he is there, but unless I need help, he is working. Still, I'll take what I can get! I am getting ready to do another sinus rinse with my NeilMed sinus rinser thingy. It helps soooo much.

Meanwhile, it is a cool (for summer) morning, with a strong breeze, and Captain Adorable and I are out on the deck together. He is playing with one of his favorite things (ICE! ICE! AaaaahSSSSuh!) and I am enjoying the weather (as much as I can, feeling all crappy as I do...) and getting a chance to write a bit in this blog.

Today Captain Adorable is 19 months old! We've been talking about whether to have a birthday party for him this year (he will be two). I don't know if we should...I don't think 2 year olds really get it anyhow! His birthday is on January 6, so right after the holiday season, which makes me think people will not really be up for a birthday party, anyhow? I don't know.


Sullivans said...

Awww a party will be fun - even if he doesn't remember it. For my oldest son's 2nd bday we got a bounce house and did a whole big thing ... he doesn't remember it at all but the pictures are fun to look at. LOL
Sorry you feel cruddy... hopefully it will pass quickly.

I was trying to search your blog last night looking for the name of the bike your mom bought Capt. Adorable but couldn't find it. I think I am going to get one for DD's bday. Is he loving it?

Sullivans said...

Oh, and you can delete this comment but I had no other way to contact you. My FIL was recently diagnosed with cancer - myeloma- and in doing research I learned about Graviola leaves? Supposedly it can slow tumor growth.I hope it doesn't offend you that I am telling you- I am sure that in your research you have heard about it but I couldn't hear about it and not send it on to you too.

Rose said...

The bike my mom bought Captain Adorable was a Strider. He can ride on it, but so far I have only allowed him to use it in our living room, so it is not terribly exciting and he does not play wit it much, However, as the weather changes and we spend more time outside walking, I am confident he will be on it more and more! Hope your daughter likes it too. (Check out the videos on the web site--so cool! Capt. Adorable loves to watch them.)