Wednesday, August 27, 2008

From Honolulu

I am here in our bargain basement hotel room (hey, we're only stopping here for the night--off to Maui early tomorrow morning) lying on the (queen-sized) bed with Captain Adorable. Captain Obvious is off buying some bottled water and juice for tomorrow.

I am happy and proud to report that Captain Adorable made it through waking up at 3:45 am, two flights (a 3 hour flight from Baltimore to Houston, and then a 7:30 hour one from Houston to Honolulu: three naps in total), a minor flight delay, and a hotel shuttle ride with no pee accidents! OK, he did poop in his pants (actually was wearing a diaper at the time, thank goodness) in the President's Club in Houston, but he told us he was going to poop before he did it and while he was doing it. Neither parent made a move to take him to the potty because in my experience it just delays the inevitable and today we needed him to just go ahead and do it. :)

Even after the flights, we have had him in just underpants beneath his clothes and no accidents! This evening I had him in a disposable diaper because he sleeps in a diaper, and he was playing a bit and pooped in his diaper (no announcement this time, only a remark afterwards). So, tonight he's sleeping in a cloth diaper with a water proof cover! Hopefully he will (as usual) wake up dry since we have only one cover with us and it would be best if he could have it on for the plane to Maui tomorrow.

Flying first class was WONDERFUL. Captain Adorable was very well behaved and drew admiration from all corners. He did cry a bit, but was not too too loud and he was only crying because he was tired. He went to sleep soon and then resumed being his usual delightful, quiet self.

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Gina said...

Great Job with the potty training captain adorable!