Saturday, August 30, 2008

Off To Oahu

Yesterday was marvelous fun! We rode a little tourist train (the Sugar Cane Train) and Captain Adorable loved it, just like I thought he would. Then the Captains napped while I went to the beach and the pool alone (!!). While I love to float in the ocean and feel my body bob up and down with the waves, I did not stay in for long because I get so out of breath so quickly that it scares me. So, I lay in a hammock for a bit and then went to the pool. I decided to go down the adult water slide (150 feet) again and it was so fun I did it again and again. I think like 6 times in all. You know I had to really enjoy it because it is a loooooong climb up all those stairs, with me panting the whole time, just to get up to the top.

Then I downloaded all our pics on to my laptop and had a great time looking at them. Then I woke up the Captains and we all went to the pool. Captain Adorable loves that little water slide so much! We took some good action shots and hopefully I will be able to post them when we are in Oahu.

Yes, we are leaving for Oahu this morning (another 22 minute plane ride). We will stay on Oahu for 9 days at a house we rented on the beach. The best part is, my brother and my sister-in-law are coming to join us! I have not seen my brother in almost a year (he came to Maryland from Seattle to visit me after I had lung surgery last September). I am very excited to see both of them and I am very excited for them to meet Captain Adorable. Well, my brother has met him, but my SIL has not. Should be good times.

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AP said...

I am loving your travelogue. I love Hawaii and have really enjoyed visiting the place again through your blog.