Saturday, May 22, 2010

Despite the Sunburn and Motion Sickness

After being out on the boat late Friday evening, we decided to hit the Bay again this morning because the weather report said it would be nice and the winds would be 10-15 knots. We figured we'd be out about 3 hours--back by 1:00. I am so glad we went out! It was gorgeous and the winds were great. We got back at 5:00, and despite the sunburn (I thought it was going to be cloudy and we'd only be out a little while!) on me and Captain Obvious (fortunately for him, I am absolutely religious about sunscreen application when it comes to my son) and motion sickness (didn't actually puke, just felt like it for a looooong time) we had a great time.

There were dozens of other sailboats out on the water and we were sailing at a top speed of 4.5-5 knots! Didn't heel (lean) too much, just right for fun cruising. Captain Adorable had a long nap on board. He slept in the cabin till the VHF transmissions got too frequent for him to sleep, then slept in my lap till my legs began to ache and I set him up with a pillow to sleep on in the cockpit. Had to cover him with a blanket because although he had sunscreen on, I didn't want to take any chances. Fortunately it was cool enough for this solution.

I am so astounded at how wonderful my life is, how very lucky/blessed I am. At diagnosis in Sept 2007 I was not sure I was going to be alive today (in fact I was sure I'd be dead) and here I am, living a life I did not imagine ever having. I am grateful to be here every day.


Anonymous said...

And what a life it is!

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