Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

We made a terrible mistake with our boat, but I think we have learned our lesson. When we came in on Friday evening from sailing all day, we tied up in the transient slip provided at our neighborhood marina (72 hour slip). We intended to move her this afternoon, after coming home from Mother's Day festivities at my sweet MIL's house, but what with one thing and another we stayed about an hour longer than we should have and came home a bit late. The tide was going out (low tide at about 8:30 tonight) and the wind was pushing the water out of the river, back into the Bay, making for an extremely low tide....and yes, you guessed it, our lovely boat is Stuck. Floating enough to make you think she's fine but no, she's aground. Oh golly. What a horrible discovery. But we definitely won't make that mistake again!

And we had planned to have a nice little sail to celebrate Mother's Day but no, instead we just felt awful. Ah well, hopefully the wind direction will change soon and we will be able to get her on her mooring soon.


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Anonymous said...

Please post a picture of your new purchase.
Debbie from Montreal

PS Happy to read everything seems to be moving right along.