Monday, May 10, 2010

Sailing Pics

Here are a couple pics of my captains on the new (to us) boat. These were taken almost at the end of our maiden voyage. The first one was taken from the stern and the second from the cabin. You can't see much of the boat, but you can see the captains are very happy in the beautiful rosy light of the setting sun. I have taken a couple photos of the boat but have not downloaded them from the camera yet, so I hope this is enough to satisfy curiosity for now.

We went out on the water again this afternoon/evening. It was such a relief to get the boat out of that slip (thank goodness the wind direction changed). I took the tiller and was Captain for the day (learning but still). We didn't put the sail up, just motored around a bit. No one else was out, so a perfect time for a beginner. As we were tying up to the mooring we saw a couple of people in kayaks, which was nice. I so love being on the water. You see things that you don't see from the land, like a secret world. And the river we live on is gross. I need to look up some conservation group to volunteer with; it needs help!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. The boat looks big. Everyone looks like they are really enjoying the moment. Nice life - Good for you guys.

Rose said...

Debbie, you are welcome. I wanted to post pics anyhow and your comment was the push in the right direction that I needed. The boat is not that big (27 feet) but bigger than any my husband or I have ever sailed before!