Saturday, May 15, 2010

Such A Beautiful Sight

Wednesday, May 19 is my next CT scan. I am getting nervous. I recently had a nightmare in which I dreamed there was cancer throughout my body. I hope hope hope that it will remain just a nightmare. Other than that familiar fear, this afternoon/evening I got to see such a beautiful sight that I wanted to write it down.

The captains and I went sailing late in the day (left about 4:30pm) and did not get home again till 10:00! We stayed out much longer than we meant to, and ended up coming back in the dark. We actually ran aground at one point, but put the engine in reverse and got out of it and back on track. Scary! Another mistake I think we will not make again.

On the way in from the Bay we were watching the sun set. As lovely as it is to watch the sunset, we were treated to more! As the light faded and the last of the sun's rosy gleam lit the sky, we could more clearly see a tiny delicate waxing crescent of a new moon (but with the whole thing visible, if you know what I mean), and then a bit further up, a clear bright Evening Star! (Venus). And the darkening sky with stars glimmering above. So beautiful.

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Amina said...

yes, we are so fortunate to live on this stunningly beautiful planet. It must be wonderful to share these things as a family.