Friday, May 21, 2010

I Told Him The Whole Story

My mother was always honest with me when I asked about where babies come from. Of course in an age-appropriate way. I always knew that I would tell my child the truth also.

I've been telling Captain Adorable about how babies grow inside their mamas' tummies and I've told him that a daddy puts a seed inside a mama and that together the seed from the daddy and the egg from the mama make a baby grow from the get-go, but today I told him the whole truth. Meaning that he asked me how the seed gets "so far in there." So I told him that the seeds are also called sperm. I told him that when he is a man these seeds will grow inside his balls and they come out of the penis. I said that when a man an a woman who love each other decide they want to make a baby together, the man puts the seed inside the woman's vagina with his penis. Thanks goodness he did not ask many questions about that mechanics of that! Will have to think how to make that age-appropriate so I will be prepared when he does ask. And yes, I did tell him a bit of a lie because I gave the two pre-requisites of 1) love for each other and 2) decision to make a baby together. Ah well. I'll tell him the truth eventually. (And if he loves a man and they want to have a baby together, of course there are other options, not trying to dictate a hetero life for him. I think I am talking to him about how babies are made, not dictating to him what his life choices must be...I hope that is what I am doing, at least.)

Then the conversation changed to how Daddy and I love each other and decided to make a baby (Captain Adorable himself) together. This of course makes him very happy. I guess the idea of us wanting him and loving him even before he was born make him feel good. :)

Went sailing yesterday evening and this evening. Sandwiches and fruit on the boat for dinner. Delicious fun.

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