Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun Indoors and Out

This morning Capt. Adorable and I went to the mall for some fun. We were sad that our friends could not join us, but had a lovely time riding the carousel, playing in the indoor play area, riding in elevators, looking at stuff in stores, and generally walking/running/riding around in the air conditioning. We had lunch at Panera, where my little Captain engaged in some flirting with a lady at the next table (which was really sweet). Capt. Adorable demanded his favorite ice cream (Cotton Candy from Maggie Moo's, which is bright turquoise blue) with rainbow sprinkles in lieu of going to Cheerful's house (where we had been invited). He ate only the top layer, the part with the sprinkles. I called Cheerful's mom to let her know we would not be coming over. Capt. Adorable fell asleep in the car about 7 minutes into our drive home.

Once he woke up from his nap, he talked of nothing but Cheerful and going to Cheerful's house. I decided to call again and ask if we could come over for the afternoon. Happily they had no plans for the afternoon and we could join them at a brand new local playground. We had a great time. The boys played together and separately on the playground and the two mamas sat on a bench and talked. The type of conversation you only have with people once you like them enough to be a bit vulnerable without fear of anything bad happening. If you are lucky (and I was) the slight vulnerability leads to deeper understanding and agreement--and the friendship becomes even more valuable to both of you.

Despite the heat (it was 92 or 93 out!) it was a lovely afternoon.

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