Monday, August 24, 2009

Started Chemo Today

Well, I started chemo today. So far it is great! All I did was take ONE PILL (instead of the previous requirement of 4) after breakfast. I am also wearing a patch which is the new anti-nausea medicine (been wearing that for 2 days already, to prepare for chemo start today).

Then Captain Adorable and I went to meet NonFiction and her daughters and Ms. Resourceful and her children at a playground. It was a nice morning (we didn't leave till 1:00 or was it 1:30?!). The weather was cool today (well, only got up to 85) so it was wonderful.

Before we went to the playground, we had to stop at the library because I simply had to pick up the next book in a series NonFiction recommended to me. I could barely put down the first one. I was standing in line to check out the book, holding Capt. Adorable to keep him from running off to the children's section and he began to pick his nose. Now, he's been doing this a lot lately (maybe because he was sick recently and he's finally figured out that there are boogers in there?) and I've been telling him that while he shouldn't really pick his nose at all, it is acceptable to do so when no one can see you. So, I asked him not to pipck since we were in the library. He replied that no one was looking at him. I said, "Well, I can see you." His response was to firmly but gently reach up and push my face to the side (so that I could no longer see him) and went back to picking his nose! I manged not to laugh until I got to the playground and got to tell the story to my friends. :)

Recently Capt. Adorable has been driving me crazy with tons of questions, mostly the question "Why?" I do my best to answer intelligently and patiently, and sometimes my temper does get the better of me, but after answerring the same question 2-3 times I will ask him if he remembers what I just told him instead of repeating myself yet again. So, this morning at 7:00 he woke me up and said, "Mama, wake up." I (sleepily) asked, "Why?" He said, "Its daytime. Mama, wake up." I again asked, "Why?" To my immense amusement, he answered, "I told you!" You get back what you give, don't you?!


Diana said...

Glad to hear it's going so well! Please do tell what that series is - I need more books!

Rose said...

Diana: the book I was talking about was Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. However, I don't imagine you as the fantasy-type, so perhaps you'd enjoy another good book I recently finished, The Toss of a Lemon. All books I read are listed in the side bar of the blog, so feel free to glance through that for sugestions! :) I'd of course appreciate your recommendations as well.

Diana said...

Oh I'm COMPLETELY the fantasy type. I love the Dragonflight series! If you like that style of writing, also check out Orson Scott Card's "Maker" series, and McMaster-Bujold's "Sharing Knife" series. Both are sort of old-timey Americana fantasy where magic exists. Not sci-fi dragons, I know, but a similarly engaging style of writing (I think).

Barbara said...

Omgosh -- such a simple solution to the issue of avoiding being seen. If only one could do that to everyone.

And the great spin of the karmic wheel on the "why" question!?! Priceless.