Monday, August 10, 2009

More Adventures

I had a lovely weekend with the Captains. We had thought about going to Ocean City for the weekend, then perhaps about going camping, but when it came down to it, I preferred to just stay home (and not miss our last music class). We had a good, relaxing weekend. On Sunday, after music class, we all went to Pretty Boy Dam on the Gunpowder River. We had a lovely time hiking in, navigating tree roots and rocks and fallen trees. I admired my son's agility and sure-footedness (which must be due to wearing soft-soled shoes, of course, haha). I was shocked by how cold the water was; we crossed the river to get to a nice rock in the sun where we could all sit and have our snack, and walking through it was incredibly painful. Of course, I should have known the Captains, especially Captain Adorable would end up in the water, no matter how freaking freezing it was! I did bring a change of clothes, but not a bathing suit. The thrill of jumping off the rock into the water (about knee deep on me) was irresistible to my little one and of course he ended up entirely soaked.

That evening I made 2 cobblers: a peach and a raspberry and peach for dessert. The Captains yummed them up. Captain Obvious asked that I make another one for him to take to work, but when I tried to make it tonight I discovered that I did not have enough sugar. Perhaps later this week I can do it. I froze about a dozen peaches this evening. Hopefully they will go into delicious smoothies in the months to come.

Today we went to IKEA to hang out with my friend Non-Fiction and her daughters, have lunch, and buy a couple things. Tomorrow we are going to the mall to meet Cheerful, ride the carousel, and return some gigantic granny panties I bought by mistake (scary stuff!).

Wednesday is the CT scan. I have to start the prednisone (steriods) tomorrow at noon. Of course the fellow I've been assigned, as I've mentioned before, has made no attempt to contact me. Tomorrow will be the first time I meet him. I was rather irritated to discover that I do not have enough prednisone in the house, nor do I have a refill (as Capt. Obvious discovered). So, I had to call and have the JHH medical oncologist on call paged and ask for a prescription to be called in so I can go pick it up tomorrow and do the medication. I am not surprised that once again (albeit in a small way) the person who is supposed to be taking care of me has failed me. If he'd taken 10-15 minutes to call me when I was assigned to him months ago, if he'd reviewed my chart, if he'd cared enough about his job to take an interest in his patient...perhaps I am blowing this out of proportion, but it is another reminder that my best advocates are me and my Captain Obvious. Perhaps my only advocates. We've got to remain vigilant. And hey, who knows...maybe we won't like this fellow and maybe we will decide to seek treatment else where. Maybe not. Sigh. I imagine it is all the same, no matter where you go (except perhaps at NIH).

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Kerry said...

Sending lots of energy out there that this doc is different, and that you get the care you need and deserve.