Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tired and Potty Training

So, here we are on the third day of chemo and so far I am very happy and pleased. The chemo is affecting me--I am a bit tired. Also, the wonderful anti-nausea patch I was wearing gave me a GIGANTIC headache this afternoon. However, these side effects are an absolute breeze compared to what chemo has been in the past. If I need to hire/ask for hel, I will do so, but for right now I am ok with being on my own.

I have found a Montessori school I am interested in for Captain Adorable, so we will see if perhaps we can get him enrolled there if this gets harder.

I have also decided that I am done with this pussy-footing around as far as potty training goes. I know that he is perfectly capable of going in the potty every time, so I have decided to resort to bribery. He loves watching Little Bear. Each episode is about 7-8 minutes long. I have told him that he may watch one episode for each pee in the potty and three episodes for each poop in the potty. He's not peed in his pants at all today! In fact, he went to the potty by himself twice! However, he has not pooped yet. He didn't poop yesterday either...I'm getting a bit worried about it... It has been really nice to be able to praise him so much today!

I also put into action a plan I hatched a while ago. This afternoon we sat down with a pair of plain white undies and some fabric markers. Together we (but mostly him) drew on/colored on the undies. He will wear them tomorrow. They are really cute, in my opinion. Capt. Obvious got to color on them a bit as well! I am looking forward to him wearing them tomorrow.

Capt. Adorable has been asking when his Oma is coming to visit him, so we're looking forward to having her here in a couple of weeks.


Holly said...

He will love the Montessori school--it's the best thing we ever did for Riley. She's matured so much since starting there and is actually sad during the summer break from school.

Glad to hear you're feeling much better, too!

Anonymous said...

Our little guy had a hard time pooping when we were potty training. I did finally resort to a bit of bribery as well. We did "poop cars". Whenever he pooped in the potty he received a car from a little set of cheapy Hot Wheels-type cars. He started to look forward to going poopy on the potty when previously he would hold it in until he had an accident. I was worried what would happen when we ran out of cars but by then he was in the habit and the transition was easy. Good luck with everything. Sometimes a little incentive is not a bad thing!

Ms. Breadwinner