Saturday, August 29, 2009

Late Breaking Development

Well, as part of staging the house (making it look like normal people live here), we moved he queen-sized bed out of the room we've been using as a guest room and bought a new twin-sized bed to put in there. We told Captain Adorable it is his bed, because we also took apart his toddler bed, which has been in our bedroom (up against the foot of our bed) and we wanted to give him something cool to replace that. (We wanted to put in a twin-sized bed so that when my mom comes to visit, she will still have a comfortable, adult-sized bed to sleep in.) He was rather upset about the idea of his little bed being gone, poor guy. So, now we have all sorts of choices for our little Captain. He can sleep on his crib mattress n the floor in our room. He can sleep in our bed. Or, he can sleep in the new twin sized bed. He knows these choices are available.

Much to my surprise, tonight he demanded that he sleep in the new twin bed. When I reminded him that Amma would sleep in this room when she comes to visit, he said, "No. Amma sleep in Mama's room." I thought that was hilarious. I read him the nightly two books of his choice, and then he kicked me out! "Mama leave. Go 'way." I asked, incredulous, you want me to leave?" He replied, "Yes, Mama get out." And pushed me! And then added, "I call you." I said, oh you'll call me if you need me?" He answered, "yes." I left the room and sat at the top of the stairs where he could not see me. In about 10 minutes I went in to check and sure enough, he was fast asleep!

If I know my boy, he'll come to our bed at some point during the night...if not I will miss waking up to the sight of his sweet smiling face.


Barbara said...

Oh my goodness! How'd it go?

Barbara said...

By the way, I am absolutely *thrilled* to hear the good news about the cancer's stability, no new lesions, and the great experience you're having with the chemo this time around. Big hugs your way. I'm just so grateful for your good news.

Rose said...

Barbara: he slept in his own bed all night long! Today he napped in his own bed also. When I tried to help him get to sleep for his nap, he kicked me out again. We will see how tonight goes. :)