Sunday, August 30, 2009

Potty Training Day 5

Captain Adorable did every pee (several by himself) in the potty and did his poop in the potty as well. I am confident enough that I've put away all the diapers (pull-ups) and am contemplating giving them away. Although I am overjoyed that Captain Adorable is using the potty consistently and happily wearing his super-cute undies, but a part of me thinks is rather a shame to give away the diapers, seeing as I paid about $40 for them! Seeing as he is only wearing diapers at night, the changing table seemed a bit superfluous and, well, as long as we're cleaning things went to the storage unit also.

Capt. Adorable slept all night in his bed in his room and took his nap there too (he kicked me out of the room before he went to sleep again). I missed him a lot last night and wondered whether he was warm enough...I woke up this morning to the sound of him moaning. I sat up in bed but could not see him. I decided to lie back down because it was 6:30 and I was tired and I wanted to see how it would play out. I soon heard a little crackling noise and decided to investigate. There was a plastic trash bag full of blankets and pillows partially blocking the door to the room next to his and the crackling noise was a result of Capt. Adorable climbing over it to get various stuffed animals which were on the floor in there. :)

We worked hard again all day (mostly Capt. Obvious) on getting the house into shape to sell. It is going on the market tomorrow. I am not terribly happy about the price we've decided on since I think it is rather low, but then again if it means the house sells and sells fast, I will be happy. I think the place looks great and it sure feels good to get rid of bags of trash and take lots of stuff to charity. I have a bunch of maternity clothes to give away, but no one seems interested, so I guess I will take those over to the local charity shop tomorrow or the next day.

We had Ms. Breadwinner and her family over for dinner tonight. At one point her elder son and Capt. Adorable were upstairs jumping off the new bed and they were landing so hard that I was afraid they'd come through the ceiling! (I was downstairs in the kitchen, making cornbread and peach cobbler at the time.)

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