Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seems To Be Working! Poop!

OK, so today was day 2 of no more pussy-footing around with the potty training and things are going very, very well. Again we had no pee accidents and today we actually got a poop in the potty as well! We even left the house today--we went to music class and the library. :)

Music Class: Captain Adorable loves music class, (Music Together) but the last one was over a few weeks ago, so he was not terribly motivated to go to this one. Once we got there, however, we had a wonderful time! Capt. Adorable ran around and danced and clapped and just had a great time. Afterward the teacher came up and said, "this is a very physical person, isn't he?" I agreed and she said that he really could not be more engaged in class. (Something the other teacher we really liked said also!) I agreed and then she complimented me by saying that I channeled his energy very well. I am so glad we are doing music class again. He's been singing songs (and not just ones he makes up, though he sings a lot of those too) for a couple of months now, and this just keeps his interest high. Tonight when I was putting him to bed, he sang me Amazing Grace (yes, I sing it to him a lot at bedtime--a beautiful song). All the words. So beautiful to hear it sung in his sweet voice!

Then, at the library, Capt. Adorable was trying to get away from me in the sci-fi section. I kept up with him, and he motioned me away, saying, "Mama leave me alone. Trying to do a poop." I was like, oh no you don't! You cannot poop in your undies! Let's go to the bathroom. Let me put a diaper on you right now (then discovered that I'd left the diaper bag in the car...). But he was not interested in going to the toilet and I was eager to get home and get him on the potty, so I picked him up, checked out our books and boogied to the car. When we got home he was very cooperative, and I read him books while he sat on the potty till his little butt got sore, but there was no poop. It wasn't till after his nap, after Captain Obvious got home, that he pooped on the potty and then it was a total surprise to me. I was looking for the folding potty seat that I used to carry everywhere (and will start again) and when I found it, I put it on the toilet to show it to him, then put him on it, and bang! he pooped with a big smile on his face.

As far as chemo goes, I am doing very, very well. I am feeling like keeping it a bit on the low-key side. We've stayed home or very close to home for 3 of the last 4 days. It is supposed to be cool and rainy tomorrow. I think we might have some more puddle-jumping in our future!

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Barbara said...

I never knew Amazing Grace is one of your favorites.