Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bouncing back

Rose is doing a great job of recovering after a long day. By the time I left the hospital she was sitting up and sipping clear fluids. Queezy yes, tired yes, sore... not so much as last time. All things considered she's doing wonderful for someone who just happened to have a thoracotomy this morning. There's a long road ahead and it seems we are starting on the right foot. Dr. Surgeon (is that his name) felt that he got everything out cleanly.

One of the things Rose dreads about recovery is the spirometer. It looks innocent enough, but you have to inhale slowly to raise the piston. Each breath helps inflate the lung and speed recovery, but hurts.

Hopefully you'll hear from Rose tomorrow. She should be moving from the ICU to the 'floor' in the late morning. All of us plan to visit tomorrow.

-Captain Obvious


mamefati said...

Thanks so much for the update with info!
What a strong, beautiful wife you have Captain!

Adam and Olivia said...

Thank you so much for the update, Captain Obvious. I am thrilled to hear that she is doing well. Please let her know that Dadam and I are sending positive energy, healing thoughts and peace.

One Crooked Momma said...

So good to hear you are doing well Momma! Healing prayers to you!

*Oh and I had a fusion done last year and had to use that UGLY spirometer during my 8 days in the hospital and 2 months at home afterward. Those things ARE NASTY! hang in there momma!

Meg (mommabean @ MDC)