Friday, January 1, 2010

The Telephone

Happy New Year. :) No, really, I mean it. I wish health and love for you all in 2010.

So, Captain Adorable hates the telephone. Or rather, he hates it when I am on the telephone. And I prefer not to talk about cancer on the phone, since he can hear everything I say and it is a bit traumatic for him. Plus I have lately been feeling down and stressed and am likely to cry while talking about the upcoming surgery, which is something I really am trying to avoid doing in front of him these days. He's seen enough tears for a few days.

So if you call me and ask about the surgery I probably will not talk about it. Hope you understand.


mamefati said...

love and light and always sending you positive thoughts and well wishes.

kristenok18 said...

we are keeping you in our prayers here in WI. happy birthday to captain adorable and best wishes for an easier recovery for you. (((hugs)))