Monday, January 25, 2010

Our New House

It is a big house, bigger than we need, and it is in a nice neighborhood, which is absolutely suburban heaven. However, when we were looking for a house, this was absolutely not what I was looking for...Captain Obvious and I had agreed that we wanted a house near the water (preferably with water privileges) because we thought it would be really nice for Captain Adorable to grow up with that kind of lifestyle. Meaning a more relaxed and perhaps more innocent lifestyle than the one in the town where we were living before.

But there are advantages! The size is wonderful because it is so much easier to host parties (we've had two--one right when we moved in and one small birthday party) and long-term guests (and has already come in handy for exactly that). The fact that my husband and I each have a room for a private office is really great (although neither office has been put together yet--mine is just boxes and unassembled furniture). I love the big two-level deck on the back of the house and the screened in porch. The big basement is also very handy--it is so big that Capt. Adorable can ride his bike down there and I can skate (in line skates). Of course Capt. Obvous has a workshop set up down there already. :)

It is so quiet here that we have no need to have white noise makers going in the house in order to sleep. In fact, my mom even told me that she did not need to wear her earplugs to sleep here! Also there is much more access to nature here. Capt. Adorable and I like to watch the birds at our bird feeder while we have breakfast. In fact, as I sit here typing I can hear the woodpecker who lives in our back yard pecking away on a tree. There have been several rainy windy storms since we moved in and this house does not move! Our last house shook in the wind and was quite drafty (which was improved when the new windows were installed and the insulation around them was fixed) whenever the wind blew.

We got a good deal on the place because the real estate market blows these days, and it would be nicer if we had a more level back yard, but, all in all, this house is a fabulous pipece of suburban heaven. So if you like that sort of thing, this house is perfect.

We're starting some renovations now (new door, new door knobs, choosing new paint colors, et cetera) and will continue in the spring (full-on painting). The changes we plan to make are all small ones. Eventually we'd like to re-do the master bathroom, but for now we're just doing cosmetic changes.

Oh, and I should add the utility bills are lower!

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