Saturday, January 23, 2010

Empty House

The sweet and super helpful aunts went home, one a few days after the other. As of yesterday afternoon, we're on our own. The house seems so quiet now. The next time someone runs the dishwasher or does the laundry, it will be me. I am planning to cook dinner tonight...a dinner that does not involve me moving my right arm very much...we will see. I think we're going for my version of tacos. :) I am definitely not back to normal, but I can do a few things here and there to keep the house running and everyone fed. Still can't drive.

We have hired a mother's helper to come for 3-4 hours a day for the next two weeks, and Captain Adorable's Lita (short for abuellita) is coming for the first 3 days in February, so I look forward to her round-the-clock help in addition to the mother's helper (whom Capt. Adorable knows and likes--she is the same one who worked for us while I was on chemo).

Capt. Adorable asks about his aunts just about everyday. I hope we will see them again soon.

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