Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going Home

Had a bit of a rough start his morning, what with waking up at 5:00 and then throwing up after a conversation with the doctor (fellow) about 2 hours later. Talking about vomiting does indeed often lead to actually vomiting. I also drank 2 cups of coffee on an empty stomach, and was watching an episode of Lost on the computer, an intense episode with scary torture stuff and shaky camera work, and then lost it. I decided to wait till after I walked down to x-ray to report this because goodness knows what kind of weird repercussions there would be, so I sat in the waiting room down there feeling all nasty for about half an hour before I got my xray and could come back and finally sit down again.

I talked on the phone with my big and little darlings (Captain Adorable has not wanted to speak to me as of yet--he's not much of a phone guy these days) and was very close to bursting into tears as I listened to his little voice ask, "When you coming home, Mommy?" He also wanted to talk about and show me the "crazy play dough" which I was keeping for him in my office (Moonsand he got for his birthday? I think?). I told him he could play with it and that I would be home after lunch. Captain Obvious and I reminded him that I cannot see through the phone, only hear. So when he said "I love you," I had to fight really hard to keep my voice from cracking. I am aching to hug him and kiss him and rest my cheek against his hair.

Anyhow, I hung up and then Dr. Surgeon, the fellow, and the rest of the entourage came in and started to tell me my going home instructions. After that my IV got pulled, then the epidural got pulled and now I am just waiting for Captain Obvious to come get me. I am so so so very happy to be going home!

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gina said...

yay! Sounds like the surgery went well and you are recovering, I hadn't checked in on yo since around christmas updates all sound good!