Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Captain Adorable's Aunts

OK, well, they are actually Captain Obvious' aunts; they are Captain Adorable's great-aunts, but why split hairs? (Plus I know neither of them embraces the title great-aunt! And of course I like the opportunity to bust on them a bit.) Anyhow, Capt. Adorable has met both of them but has never spent much time with either. We are really lucky that they agreed to come stay with us to care for him while I recover.

He is having a great time with them. One is the reader and one is the wrestler/tickler. They have been having a great time playing with him and noticing all his announcements and idiosyncrasies as well. He's even feeling comfortable enough to start getting nosy and bossing them around. Yesterday he asked one why she was going to the bathroom. When she responded that she was going to poop, he told her to turn the fan on! When I was in the bathroom yesterday afternoon, he opened the door and was surprised to see me, saying "I thought you were one of the aunts."

Yesterday they took him to Port Discovery in Baltimore, a place I recommended but have never visited, and of course a great time was had by all. But it was difficult to get him to agree to leave. He did not want to go. He cried and said he would miss me. I got down on the floor with him and hugged him and reassured him of course, but I felt it was important for him to go with them, have some fun, and get to know his aunts. I actually ended up carrying him to the car (something I am not supposed to do and I payed for it the rest of the day). He was not crying when I put him in the car and buckled him in, but he was still unhappy. I kissed him and told him all the things you would expect (you're going to have fun, I'm just going to sleep the whole time you are gone, you will have a great time, I love you, oh my darling you are going to cool place and it will be great, et cetera). The aunts later reported that he cheered up a few houses down the street and was happy and well behaved for the rest of the day. In fact, he had a fabulous time at Port Discovery, chased pigeons at the Inner Harbor, and ate a big lunch. He was in a great mood when I woke up from my late afternoon nap and came down to see him!

(Right after they left I called Captain Obvious in tears, asking for reassurance that our beloved boy would have a good time. Of course my darling husband did provide that reassurance and we both agreed that it was important for Capt. Adorable to get to know his aunts.)

Today one of the aunts has to leave, so he's going to the airport. I hope they hang out in the observation lounge and have a good time there too.

There are contractors here working on the house today. Fixing the water damage to the joists in the basement...and..replacing the horrible, ugly, dated old front door! They will probably be back tomorrow, too.


Amina said...

oh, I'm looking for an old front door, pop it in an evelope for me will you?
I've also been having work done on the house & today had a bunch of lovely timer delivered. Comes from a cheese factory and has circles here and there where the cheese used to sit gettting old. Now I can sit 'on the shelf' and get old too. :-) So glad things are going well/
tons of love

mamefati said...

Thinking of you and always sending well wishes your way!