Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Good About A Bad Thing?

It ends.

What's bad about a good thing?
It ends.

That's what my mama used to tell me and something I am sure I will tell Captain Adorable as he grows and matures.

It is also what I am telling myself now. Today was a wonderful day and I am sad that it is over. Tomorrow I will have a thorecotomy. Dr. Surgeon said it will take three hours, and then surgery will be over and I will go to the ICU and spend a night there. I will be full of tubes and drugs and pain. It will be hard.

But I am tough and I will handle it all. Time will pass. I will wake up and sleep and wake up and sleep and eventually I will recover enough to leave the ICU and go to a bed on a regular floor. My family and my friends will come to visit me. I will kiss my precious son.

I will heal more and more everyday and eventually I will come home. I will write blog entries complaining about everything. ;)


Sarah Haas said...

I'm sending tons and tons of prayers your way for a successful surgery, very little pain and a quick recovery. Love you! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today!