Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Hospital Updates

My pain is still under control. I still have the epidural because I still have the chest tubes. One chest tube might come out tomorrow...or might not; I am not sure. As long as they are still draining fluid from the lungs, they need to stay in, and since the pain control is good, they do not bother me. Of course it is annoying to push along my IV pole everywhere I go. No, I am not hooked up to an IV bag, but I do have one in my hand, which is used for the administration of Toredol. It is simply more convenient to use the IV pole to set the chest tubes drainage things and the epidural pack on than to use a wheel chair. And of course there are 2 chest tube emergency kits also hanging from the pole. 'Cause I have 2 chest tubes...ugh.

I will probably be here until Wednesday or Thursday. It all depends how long the chest tubes stay in. Captain Obvious took a couple photos of me, so I hope they make their way to this post (have to switch computers to do that and who knows if the NIH network will let me upload things). I am wearing a 3X hospital gown with an L hospital robe, "emerald" hospital slippers, and knee-high white anti-embolism stockings. Notice the attractive translucent tubes which emerge from the chest and the thin yellow epidural tube. I have accessorized this outfit with an IV pole complete with sterile suitcases of bloody fluid drained from my own lungs...hahaha...

And hey, as long as we're talking about bodily fluids: I was able to move my bowels today (yippee! The doctor was starting to get concerned). The yeast infection (or fungal infection if you prefer) has gotten better, so that is good (you can see it at te edge of my arm pit in the pic below). The dressing on my incision has been removed (yes, Capt. Obvious took pics of that too!) and I think it looks pretty tough with the staples. They used the same incision site as last time, so that means no additional scar for me. Not that I care anymore. At one time I cared a lot but that is no longer important to me.

I love love love having my own room. It has a very big window with a nice view of an attractive building and lots of trees. Bethesda is a green place. Or, in the summer it is a green place.

I finally switched from the mesh hospital undies to my own panties (thanks to my darling husband), but while I was still wearing the mesh, a few nurses noticed my infinity symbol tattoo. I was so happy and proud to tell what the tattoo symbolized, how I got it, and how my family and friends joined me and got inked themselves. The nurses were surprised and impressed. It made me feel loved just to talk about it and remember each of them!


Jessica said...

You're totally rocking the hospital wardrobe!! Also, that's a kick-ass scar. I'd be proud of that thing! If I were you, I'd be making up all kinds of stories for that thing... shark attack. ninja battle scar. alien abduction. That kind of thing... My scars are too small for good stories.

Lisa said...

You are so cute!! Your spirit is shining through. Even the fact that you guys took the photo says volumes about how amazing you are.

I originally found your blog via another blog by a member, and have followed your story for the past 18 months or so. Just wanted you to know that there are random people out in the world who are so rooting for you.

Rose said...

Jessica: Honey, I don't need to make up a story. I did get attacked by a shark, battle a ninja, and have my body taken by an alien. They all have the same name: cancer. ;)

Maybe I'm a stick-in-the-mud, but I think kicking cancer's ass is the scariest thing I will ever have to do in my life!