Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fun At The Library

We went to the library for the story time event and we had a good time. We got there early (earlier than I intended--the drive was only 20 minutes and I expected it to be 30 minutes), so we killed time in the children's section until story time started.

There was a little area with some toys (a few puzzles, a basket of wood blocks, and a bead-and-wire table) so we sat down there. I tried to interest Captain Adorable in the puzzles, which he did like but mostly he liked taking the pieces out and was not so interested in putting them back in. There were some other kids there, one much older (probably 4), but they left and I let the little Captain down from my lap so he could investigate. He immediately went for the bead-and-wire table and started pushing the beads up and around the wires. Then he pooped! I was surprised because, well, I guess because I don't poop in public so I was surprised he did.

So, I changed that diaper and we went back to the play area. There were more kids (and their moms) there now, all waiting for the story time to start. It was cute to see Captain Adorable interact with these other children (all older than him). Then we went in to the story time room. Once everyone came in, there were probably 30 people, including kids and parents, in the room. The librarian passed out papers with the lyrics of the songs we were going to sing. Of course Captain Adorable wanted my paper (to play with and eat) but I needed it or else I would not be able to sing along, so I tried to keep it from him.

Captain Adorable was not too into sitting and singing, so I let him walk around a bit, and of course he got someone else's paper and ripped it in half! Oh dear! I got up and re-captured him, of course. Once the songs and the books were done, the librarian brought out a big box of toys. All the children gathered around and took toys out of the box. Captain Adorable sat next to the box and watched all the big kids. Once they all left, he got up and tried to get the toys at the bottom and when he couldn't reach them, he turned the toy box over, dumping all the toys. Almost exactly what he does with his toy storage boxes at home (of course here the boxes are much, much smaller).

A little later, he got close to a 15 month-old boy (who does not yet crawl, otherwise Capt. Adorable could never have reached his face since he was so much taller). The other boy had a pacifier in his mouth. What game do I play with the little Captain and a pacifier? That's right! Capt. Adorable pulled the boy's pacifier right out of his mouth! Several times! I was watching this interaction along with the boy's parents and they did not mind at all. The last time Capt. Adorable pulled the pacifier out of the boy's mouth, he stuck it in his own...I did not like that too much, but the boy did not seem sick so it is probably ok.

Captain Adorable had a good time and I had a great time watching him. All in all the experience was worth the sacrifice of his morning nap. He did nap, but only for the 20 minutes it took to drive home. He had an afternoon nap, but it was short (only an hour) because once he fell asleep in the glider, I lay down on the couch with him so I could nap too. I guess being without the rocking of the glider caused him to wake up early. However, he made up for it tonight when he went to sleep in bed in only 11 minutes. I am going to join him now. I am very tired.


Kirsten said...

well sleep well! thanks for your sweet comment.
you're very good at recording all the nice little day to day things. those are definitely the most important. i have to get better at that.
just wanted you to know i've been reading your blog and thinking about you and capt. adorable often. sending good healing thoughts your way.

amina said...

great idea to go out to the library. it must have been fun watching the little one interacting with other children. I hope you get loads more chances like that. Hope the chemo goes better this time. hmmm... i read something about what to do if you have a problem with needles... will try to find it again.
loads of love

Gina said...

Glad to hear you had a good time! Social times are great.