Thursday, January 3, 2008

On Our Own Again

Captain Adorable and I drove my Mom to the airport today. She went home and we are on our own again. Of course she coming back in about a week, so I will not have to miss her for long, and I know I am perfectly capable of taking care of the captains and myself by myself, but oh I will miss her constant help and support. Of course, her return means more chemo (dread) but this next chemo treatment will be the last chemo treatment (hopefully).

Captain Adorable has been doing another new thing. He looks at his "Touch and Feel" books by himself now! I think this is really wonderful. I know he likes books, but to have him initiate looking at books by himself is just great! He turns the pages (they are board books) and touches the different animals all by himself. Very very cool.

I played trains with him and he was very interested in grabbing the train cars and taking the tracks apart. Hehehe. I guess he is not ready for the trains quite yet. Still, I will continue to try and one of these days he will be ready and he will push those cars around the track himself. Which is good, because Captain Obvious ordered more train stuff for Captain Adorable's first birthday.

Captain Adorable had a hard time going to sleep last night and tonight he woke up after only half an hour. I wonder what could be giving our excellent sleeper such trouble. Perhaps teething? He does not seem to have teeth trouble during the day...maybe just a development phase? I am not sure. My poor sweet baby; I hope we get this figured out fast.

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