Monday, January 14, 2008

Pic From First Birthday

This is a pic of me and Captain Adorable on his first birthday (Jan. 6, 2008). Aren't we cute? It was a good day for both of us, even though he was not interested in sticking his hands in his cake (as previously discussed).

He has been working on a cold for the last 3 days including today. I think he is getting over it now. I guess the kid with the pacifier at the library did have a little cold even though he didn't look sick (as previously discussed).

Anyhow, I have been having a bit of fever this time (nothing higher than 99.4) but no vomiting. I have been doing my usual thing of sleeping a lot, and I can almost always go to sleep again after only an hour or so awake. It is tiring to be tired all the time. Thank goodness that my Mom is here to take care of Captain Adorable and give him all sorts of good Oma love and tenderness. If not for her extra care I think his cold would last longer. She so devotedly makes sure he gets good long naps by putting him in the Ergo and walking him around the living room for hours so he can get his rest! He is a lucky baby.


amina said...

lovely photo of both of you. Glad to hear this round doesn't seem so bad as you had feared.much love. xx

Lex said...

Hello "Rose",

This is Lex, your mother's cousin.
We got a letter from your mother, which we received with mixed emotions.
Although we don't know one another very well, I would like to express my concern and sympathy with your condition, wishing you all the strength you may need to deal with the situation.
On the other hand I want to congratulate you with your beautiful son. Your mother said something about 'infinite cuteness' and I think she must be right.

All the best from all of us in Koog aan de Zaan, Holland.

Mame Fati said...

you 2 are SO CUTE! What a handsome boy he is...sending you good thoughts