Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Doing New Things In The New Year

Captain Adorable has been doing some cool new things and he started doing them on January 1, 2008. He is now tall enough to see what is on the kitchen table and yesterday for the firs time, he put something on it. He was carrying around the tv remote and came into the kitchen and just placed it right on the table top. Then he took it off again and proceeded with his walk. He also played "I'm coming to get you" with me and laughed and laughed while being chased. It was delicious fun!

Today the little Captain explored his new sorter for a little bit--it is still definitely beyond where he is, developmentally, but he is quickly catching up. As my Mom said, he is making huge leaps and bounds in consciousness on a daily basis. It is an exciting time to be around him.

The only word he says on a regular basis is "mamamama" and I am not sure that he means me. Sometimes it means me and sometimes it means Captain Obvious. :)

In other news, I went to a head, neck, ear, and throat specialist today. He said there's nothing wrong with me :) :) :D My decision to ignore the advice of the nurse practitioner and not to take the antibiotics I was prescribed on Friday was correct. I guess my face is puffy because of the chemo and the steroids and not some mysterous infection. It was weird and very unpleasant to go to the doctor today. Even though the appointment was in a different building than the one where I get chemo, I was still nauseated and felt shaky and bad.

On Friday Captain Adorable has a well baby visit at the pediatrician's office. I am really looking forward to this visit because I want to know how much he weighs and how long he is and all of those measurements. I know he has gotten a lot longer, but I am curious to see if he has gained any weight--what with weaning and moving so much more...he's thinner than he was...

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Anonymous said...

I get all puffy and swollen after chemo too. Most of what happens within four days after a treatment is our bodies response to the poison.
I try to do as best I can without additional drugs, since I know my liver is taking a huge beating already!