Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still Feeling Sick And Bedtime Worries

I still feel sick. I threw up last night, after feeling like it was going to happen all day. A whole day of feeling like I was going to blow was not pleasant. Anyhow, when I finally did pop, I did not make it to the bathroom in time, so I got vomit all over the floor. Captain Obvious cleaned it all up--even washed the clothes I had to take off because they were covered in vomit--and I went to bed, where I lay without sleeping till after 12:00. So, I did not get much sleep last night. I feel headachy and tired today. But at least I do not feel nauseated.

Captain Obvious and I are supposed to have dinner out with some friends tonight. My Mom is going to try to put Captain Adorable to bed tonight so we can go out. I feel a little nervous about this. I mean, Captain Adorable knows her and loves her and she has given him his bedtime bath plenty of times, so it is not that far a stretch for her to put him to bed after she gets him out of the bath. But of course I worry that he will cry, and not be comfortable, and just not be able to fall asleep easily, like he normally does. I guess you could say, oh, it is only one night, what does it matter, but it matters to me. One night of not sleeping well impacts my week, surely it will impact him as well. Still, we are planning an early dinner (meeting them at 6:00), so maybe we will be home in time for a parent to put him to sleep at 8:00 and none of this worrying I am doing will matter.

Captain Obvious made cookies last night (in the oven of our new stove). I did not have any last night since I felt so bad...but this morning I did eat one. Captain Adorable came over to me and looked at me eating it with those big beautiful eyes until finally I gave him a little piece. He yummed it right up and I had to give him 2 more pieces before I could finish the cookie. I did not want to give him sugar-laden foods like cookies this young, but I guess a rare little bite is ok. Plus, now I can tell him that the first cookie he ever ate was made by his Daddy. :)

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