Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disappointed Captain Adorable

My darling Captain Obvious is traveling for work again. He left this afternoon and he will be back late (like 11:00pm) on Friday. He's going to San Francisco. He has to travel for work much more than ever before. He also has three business trips in February. He enjoys his job, so therefore I am happy for him and I support him, but oh I miss him. And so does Captain Adorable.

This evening after dinner I tried to amuse my little one and myself (fill that empty slot when he usually plays with Daddy) by putting together the train table that Oma bought him for his birthday. I started by carrying an easy chair up the stairs to make room in the playroom for the train table. Then I carried the giant box into the room, fought it open, dragged out the contents, found the assembly instructions, and read them...and I realised that while it was not going to be complicated (well, a little complicated, but I've seen more difficult stuff from IKEA), it was going to be long. And I just couldn't face it. I decided to put it off till tomorrow, right after breakfast. As you can imagine, Captain Adorable was not too cool with this news. In fact, he was very disappointed. But I just couldn't face it. I disappointed him. Sigh. But tomorrow I will assemble it and we will build a fabulous train track together!

Once he got over his disappointment, he his usual sweet self, though. Right now he is upstairs, sleeping in his own bed while I type this to you. He slept in his own bed all of last night and for part of the night before that, so we will see how this goes...I do not want to push him out of the family bed at a super stressful time (mama in the hospital and sick and other people in his house to take care of him while mama recovers)...but I would like to go back to him sleeping in his own bed. I love him dearly and he is welcome in our bed any time he needs us, but I want the norm to be that he sleeps in his own bed.

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