Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Email I Received Today

Only the names have been changed.

from Nurse
to Rose
date Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 3:05 PM
subject surgery date change...

Hi Rose-

Dr. Surgeon needs to change your surgery date a bit, he has to do another case on Jan 5th that involves several other doctors and it’s the only date that will work for them. SO—he would like to move your surgery to January 7th, he is leaving town on the 11th but really feels you will be 4 days out of surgery and doing well at that point. He doesn’t feel this should be a problem; our other Thoracic attending will be here, Dr. Other Surgeon to see you. But Dr. Surgeon said IF for any reason you’re not doing well he’d cancel his business trip. The only other option would be to move your surgery to January 6th – which we can do, but it’s more difficult to coordinate for several reasons, one being it’s not our normal OR day – so we have to plead for a OR room and plus we need to change clinic appointments for 7 patients – but it’s a possibility. Please let me know if the 7th will work okay– or the 6th if not.

Sorry for the change – I hope this will work okay.

Thank you,


Nurse, BSN

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Thoracic Oncology- Surgery Branch


Leia said...

Party on the 6th! Just no eating for you after midnight! ;p Joanna's up now, so we'll eat breakfast and be over shortly!

mamefati said...


OhMama said...

Happiness!!! I was so sad for you that you were gong to have to miss your Captains Birthday, but now it has all worked out. YAY!

Anonymous said...

Everything is working out the way you wanted it. So will your surgery. I'm so happy for you - you deserve it. Have a wonderful day.
Debbie from Montreal