Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun, Errands, Tomorrow

Today I took Captain Adorable to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore. We've been there many times before (I've mentioned it before here in this blog, as a matter of fact). We even have a membership, which allows us to get other people in for free, which is really cool. Today my (step-) cousin, his lovely wife, and their son met us there. I was quite pleased because I did not know the Holiday Festival of Trains was going on right now and it was really cool to see so many miniature trains!

Once we'd explored for a while, we ate our picnic lunch in the pitiful little restaurant, and then set off to go visit my grandma, Capt. Adorable's Great-grandma.

Too bad he fell asleep in the car on the way from the museum to her place! We were only there for an hour and he slept most of that time. Ah well, she sees him fairly often and because he was asleep, his younger cousin had a chance to shine. :) He woke up a few minutes before we left, then stayed awake the whole ride back.

Once back in our neck of the woods, we stopped at the library to return some books and pick up some new ones, which is always fun! Then off to the grocery store, where he tried to convince me to buy food for Amma (aka Oma). He knows Oma is coming soon, and he wants to prepare for her! How sweet! He wanted to buy her zucchini (which I bought for us) and celery, which I was going to buy, but paused to ask him if he liked it. He said no and then I reminded him that I am not a big celery fan. He asked me if Daddy likes celery and I said I didn't think so; we put it back. :)

Tomorrow we are going to NCI to meet with the surgeon. Yes, all of us, the care-giver I had lined up didn't work out after all...should be interesting. There is a child care area there, but I am not sure we meet the requirements (it says on the web site that one of the parents has to be participating in a clinical trial), plus you have to reserve ahead of time and I have not done that, plus of course I am almost 100% certain that he will not stay with strangers in a strange place without either parent. So, we're bringing a laptop, some headphones, and a couple of DVDs (Little Bear please help us!). I think this will be sufficient, so long as we only pop in Little Bear when the surgeon enters the room. It still definitely will affect the way the meeting goes.

I used to like bringing my son along to these meetings so the medical professional could see me in a different light--as a mother with a beautiful little child to care for, not just a patient...but now I am concerned that they only see his presence as a distraction, an inconvenience.

Ah well, we've got no good choice here. It will be fine.

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Leia said...

I think it's probably too late, but you're welcome to drop Capt. Adorable off here for some fun with AJ if you need to! Today (Wednesday) I'll be going in to work in the afternoon, but my parents and sister are here. Tomorrow (Thursday) we'll be home all day.

Praying that all goes well!