Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On The Way Home

We're in the airport Houston, waiting for our connection. I'm tired, having been up late last night getting everything packed for travel and up quite early (5 am) to get the plane.

Yesterday we had a fabulous time in the pool/thermas of the hotel where we were staying at Volcan Arenal. Inevitably, check out time rolled around. Boohoo. Next my FIL, Captain Obvious, and I went on a fabulous (but wet, since it was raining) zip line adventure. That was awesome and I'd recommend it to anyone. FIL's wife (Lita from now on) and Capt. Adorable did some hiking and hung out with another kid who was too young for the zip lines.

I will write more about the vacation once we are home, but here's one thought. I enjoy Costa Rica quite a lot, but I really hate the stupid bilk-the-tourist games that are constantly played. I think next time we might try somewhere else...

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