Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lots Of Snow and A Dinner Out

We got approximately 24 inches of snow here. Captain Adorable has been having a wonderful time playing in it (so did I!) and Captain Obvious had to work very hard shoveling it, poor guy. It is very pretty, but there is still some harzardous driving, even in our neighborhood. Capt. Adorable has been excitedly pointing out front loaders and dump trucks getting the snow out of parking lots and snow plows on the road. We see them everywhere, after all.

I drove up to a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of a woman I do not know well, but I like her and would like to know her better. It was something I was looking forward to--a dinner out alone, wearing (recently purchased) make up and feeling like an adult. In the end, I think I should have stayed home. Sigh. It was not a dangerous drive, but it was snowy and icy (I fell down in the parking lot as soon as I got out of my car since I had parked on an ice sheet) and about an hour's each way. Plus, I arrived late and I do not eat meat, so I did not feel obligated to contribute to the cost of the bottle of wine and the non-veg appetizers that were ordered and consumed by the others (I think there were 7 others, besides me and the birthday girl). And yet I ended up paying about $20 over what I had ordered and consumed...and feeling like the rest of the table resented me for not contributing enough. These groups dinner checks are just awful. I don't want to do that again! I would like to hang out with her again, just feel so cornered and uncomfortable in a situation where I have to pay for food and drink that I did not consume! Ugh. I am such a skin flint--my darling Captain Obvious would tell me that's the way these things always go and I should just expect it. He's more generous than I am!

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Anonymous said...

Just consider it the price you pay to see old friends. The more precious life becomes, the steeper the price of those precious times. Enjoy them fully as they come (even if it costs you $20-40 dollars)