Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Generous Grandma

My generous grandma has been paying for us to have a cleaning lady for over a year now. Her generous gift has impacted our lives deeply. It is surprising how significantly having a clean house affects the people who live there! I have written her multiple thank-you-notes but of course it never seems like enough. I do make an effort to call and visit often, which I know makes her happy. I thought that writing a little post about how wonderful her gift has been (and still is) for our family might be a good idea. With surgery coming up, and several guests coming to stay and help out, it relieves my mind a lot to know that the place will be clean, without having to ask the guests to clean for us. It makes me happy to know that even with me in bed recovering from surgery, I can be confident that my house looks good and smells good and doesn't have any embarrassing messes anywhere. Plus it just generally makes our lives easier to live in a clean house. And since the cleaner gets the big stuff (toilets, scrubbing) I can concentrate on the everyday stuff, and keep the house running more smoothly.

Thank goodness for Grandma.

If you know someone who is having chemo and you are looking for a way to help that person, consider the gift of cleaning. (Even if only a one-time thing.) It helps more than you know.

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mamefati said...

Grandmas are the best!
Glad you are feeling good!