Friday, December 25, 2009

Embarrassment of Riches

Because his family celebrates both Hannukah and Christmas (both in a non-secular way) and his birthday is in early January, Captain Adorable has about 3-4 weeks of presents at the end/beginning of the year. Can you imagine? He is a lucky, lucky guy! This year in particular, the beautiful, educational, FUN presents he has received are amazing. I suppose it is because this year (he's about to be 3) is the year that the really good stuff starts. No longer do we have to worry about choking hazards and he is so much more dexterous that we can buy things he can manipulate and figure out for himself.

I am so pleased with the presents his grandparents bought for him! Fortunately, the grandparents are all sweet enough to ask me for present suggestions, so I am able to coordinate the gifts. This year he got an activity/train table; some beautiful, cool new train buildings, trains and train track; and a garage (best accessed and played with when on the activity table!), and many many little cars and trucks to go in the garage (the garage has an elevator!). He loooooves the new trains and train paraphenalia and he loves the garage and the cars/trucks, and I love the activity table that makes the other toys all the more fun and has a storage drawer. :)

My mama always told me that giving is more fun than receiving and oh she was right, but she never mentioned how wonderful it is to watch a child you love open and play with really cool toys!! Captain Adorable's joy is mine also. (Yes, I also love playing with the new toys...)

On the other hand, his birthday has not yet arrived and I am already asking Captain Obvious if we can bring another bookshelf to the playroom for storage and planning another toy culling session.

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