Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Snow Snow

Captain Obvious has been in California for the past week for work (as I may have mentioned in a previous post). Today he was supposed to come home. Today is also the day that a BIG Snowstorm is hitting the east coast--all the way from New York to North Carolina! The airline canceled his flight home. And there wasn't another flight to Dulles till Monday! (BooHoo!)

Fortunately, he somehow managed to get his butt on a plane to Newark. He's driving to Dulles to pick up his truck and then home. Captain Adorable gets to wake up to his Daddy after all!!!

I have seen all sorts of reports predicting anywhere from 8-20 inches of snow by the time this storm is over. Right now there is about one quarter to one half an inch on the deck outside. So not only will Daddy be here in the morning, but there will be snow on the ground as well! What a great morning to wake up to, wouldn't you say?

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