Sunday, December 6, 2009

Surgery Soon

I have not written about this because I feel angry. I don't want to get all into it right now, so you will have to content yourselves with a short update.

I am going to be admitted to the hospital at NCI on January 4, 2010. I will have surgery on January 5, 2010. The point of this surgery would be to remove the two visible lesions in the upper lobe of my right lung. The surgeon hopes to do VATS (Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery) but may have to convert to full on lung surgery, which will require him to surgically break one of my ribs (and remove part of it!). I hope VATS works out, but I am prepared for conversion.


mamefati said...

Thinking of you, Rose. I hope the surgery is beyond easy and extremely successful. LOTS of healing thoughts to you.

Carrie said...

i just occasionally check your blog for updates, i too am wishing you an easy and successful surgery. you are one of my very favourite bloggers because you seem to focus so much on the moment and it reminds me to do so as well. positive thoughts for you!