Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Day Alone

My Mom is going home this morning and Captain Obvious does not come home till 11:30 tonight. I will have the whole day alone with Captain Adorable. Of course it will he fun to spend time with him (as it always is) but I know it will also be a little hard since this is my first day alone with him in a couple of weeks now and I still get tired, especially in the afternoon. I guess I can always drink a caffeinated beverage if I get tired (or eat some chocolate). Because I do not often have caffeine, it does affect me quite a bit, so I can rely on that for a pick me up.

I am trying to think of all the things we can do today. Perhaps I will even get ambitious and take the baby for a walk in the Ergo. Or maybe we will just hang out in the living room as usual. Right now he is playing with his baby gym. He has turned the whole thing upside down and is having a marvelous time exploring it from this different angle.

I hope we have enough pre-made stuff for lunch and dinner. It is hard to cook with him because he is so fascinated with what you are doing that you end up picking him up to show him what you are doing, which of course makes it difficult to continue doing it. :) I baked some tofu for dinner last night and he liked it, so maybe he will eat that for lunch today...or for dinner tonight, depending, I guess.

He slept well last night, though he did wake up and need to be sung back to sleep this morning at 6:00 (so of course I have been awake since 6:00 as I could not go back to sleep). I hope he is able to sleep well for his naps today. Even if I do not get to sleep during his naps, as I have said on this blog before, I love to have him sleep on me, and his nap gives me a little break from figuring out what to do next.

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