Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sleeping Sleeping and More Sleeping

Well, the reduction in the steroids has made me more awake, but I am still sleeping a whole lot. I think I've had three naps today so far and I went to bed at 8:30 last night. I am also still a bit weak and not really interested in food. Captain Obvious is out right now getting some brie. (He just got back with brie and havarti.) I guess it is to tempt me to eat but for his own taste pleasure as well.

My Mom is wearing Captain Adorable in the Ergo on her back while she walking up and down reading Ender's Game (she'd never read it before). He's happy as a clam, but a bit of a loud clam since he keeps dropping the toys she hands him, so she's taking him downstairs so he can look at stuff he has not seen for a while. Now he's back to being a happy and quiet clam.

The night that Captain Obvious was away at his grandmother's funeral was the same night that of the day I got (the first administration of) my second round of chemo. It would not be good for me to sleep with the babe all drugged up and heavily sleeping like that, so of course my Mom slept with him, as we had planned. It went very well, for Captain Adorable at least, who did not wake up once during the night and slept till 6:30. She did not get much sleep because I guess he moves around a lot (I don't really notice anymore) and of course our bed is too soft for her...oh well, she still said it was an honor for her to sleep with him even though she wouldn't want to do it every night. However, without someone in the bed with him, I do not think he would sleep, so I am really thankful that she was willing to give it a shot and that it went so well. The next night I was back in bed and so was Captain Obvious, so back to normal. Captain Adorable slept with me for a nap today, too. When I woke up, he was lying next to me with his eyes open and a smile on his face. I love having my cuddle little one in bed with me!

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Amina said...

Well, you may be sleeping a lot but this is a much more happy post than after chemo on Friday. So glad your mum is with you again. funny about the book she is reading - I sold the Dutch rights on that and several of the author's other books several years ago - tho I confess I did not read them as s-f and fantasy isn't really my cup of jasmine tea... Hope your strength picks up again and that you will find some foods that tickle your palate.
big hugs to you all