Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day Five and Still Tired

I am getting better, but still pretty tired. I did have a 3 hour nap this morning, but have not slept since then. I am ready to go to bed but I have to wait until the babe goes to bed if I want to sleep in the family bed.

I got to have Captain Adorable sleep on my in the chair this afternoon, so that was lovely. I really love to have close physical contact with my baby, even though we no longer nurse, it feels good to snuggle together.

Captain Obvious seems kind of pissed off lately and I don't really know why. He says he is very tired and I believe him. Unfortunately, I am very tired, too. Difficult to deal with his needs when I am so weak and vulnerable right now. I can really only deal with my own needs and most of the time I have to let my mother take care of my baby and me...I don't have much to take care of my husband, too.

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