Saturday, December 15, 2007

Making Truffles

Tonight Captain Obvious and I are making truffles. If you've never made them before, you melt chocolate and mix it with cream and some sort of flavoring. Then you chill and shape into balls, then cover with chocolate and various toppings, like cocoa powder, or pistachios or almonds. Right now we are at the part where the truffles are in the refrigerator chilling, but soon we will be ready to gently heat the chocolate for the outer coating. Captain Obvious made peanut butter ones and I made chocolate ones with a little brandy. This is the first time we've tried making chocolate candies (or candies of any kind) so we will see how they come out.

Tomorrow I am going to meet a friend of mine for coffee in the morning. The time we've agreed to meet is kind of close to Captain Adorable's nap time but hopefully it will work out. I am also going to try to buy a bathing suit. Why, you might ask...well, we are going to Ocean City for a few days starting on Monday and the hotel where we are staying has an indoor pool. I think I am going to want to get in it with Captain Adorable, so I need to have a bathing suit. I am really looking forward to our trip. We are going to stay in the same hotel where we stayed when we went up there for Punkin Chunkin, so I know I like the place. This time will be even nicer because my parents are coming too. (They are getting their own room.) I think they will love being able to hear and see the ocean from their bed, plus I think it will be nice to hang out with them and do a little winter holiday gift exchange. :) No big gifts, just the candles and the happiness of being together.

Monday is also the day I am going to see my oncologist again. I am going to ask her about some of the non-traditional remedies I've heard so much about. I really hope she will let me take some other stuff because I need something to help me with the exhaustion and sickness, especially if my reaction is just going to get worse as the treatments continue.


Lance Noe said...

i am expecting ruflles in the mail and shipped to australia, IMMEDIATELY!

Harleen said...

You went to Punkin Chunkin! I heard about that for the first time this year and thought it sounded like great fun!
I miss sitting next to my beautiful smiling friend with the eyebrows to die for. Meanwhile I'm sending hugs and hugs for all. xxxooo