Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just Tired

Have not posted because there is nothing to really say. I am tired. Very tired. I think it is true for me that each round of chemo has gotten tougher to deal with and this one is the toughest so far for sure. I am tired of feeling sick. I am really looking forward to this being over.

Both Captain Obvious and my Mom wanted me to get out of the house (and probably out of my pajamas) and so I went to see a movie with my husband this afternoon. Of course I thought about Captain Adorable the whole time. Once we were home, I ate dinner, played with the babe, and then got into clean pajamas and once he was done with his bath, put him to bed (sang him to sleep). I love feeling his little warm body relax and hearing his breath slow down and relax into that sleeping breathing pattern. So peaceful; so beautiful.

I am still too sick and too worried about getting up a lot to sleep in the family bed tonight. I probably could, but I do not want to risk waking the babe, who has been sleeping so well lately. So tonight I will sleep once more on the futon in the sewing room. A good bed for when I need it.

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Amina said...

Poor, love. Sounds like a lousy way to spend christmas. Thinking of you all a lot. I am impressed by the way you munch through so many books in spite of everything you are dealing with. What do you recommend?
hugs hugs and love.a